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Introduce About 19-8 Merchanical JSC

since 1979

About 19-8 Leaf SpringsWe established since 1979

With 40 years of experience, 19-8 JSC is manufacturer of Conventional Springs and Parabolic Springs for Commercial Vehicles globally and domestically.

19-8 JSC adds value to its products with the combination of great passion, long man-hours, computerized techniques, and a team of Hard-working from the design, research, and manufacturing departments. We commit to providing a flexible service suited totally to our customer requirements.

HistoryWe established since 1979


19-8 JSC trying to be known as a world-class facilitator of movement, serving the transportation industry and other industrial sectors through our three business units.

We do this by providing leadership and strategic direction, and by fostering a community that upholds The Betts Way.

Perceived as a leading manufacturer and distributor of products in its industries, Betts Company will be admired and respected for its integrity, humanity and professionalism, as well as the high quality and outstanding value of its products.

We strive to exceed customer, supplier and associate expectations with quality, responsiveness, innovation and value, bringing passion, originality and commitment to everything we do.

Quality System 


ISO 9001:2000

TCVN standard

ISO 9001:2008

DIN 2094:2006 (GERMANY)