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When to Order Custom Made Leaf Springs

When to Order Custom Made Leaf Springs

Leaf springs, dating back to ancient chariots, are basic suspension systems with arc-shaped plates flexing vertically. Custom leaf springs offer a tailored solution, designed to meet specific vehicle needs for enhanced performance and comfort. This guide covers what custom leaf springs are, their differences from mass-produced options, the benefits of replacement or upgrade, and tips for choosing and ordering from a reputable manufacturer.

When to Order Custom Made Leaf Springs

Signs Your Leaf Springs Need Attention

Before you decide to order custom leaf springs, you should first check the condition and performance of your existing leaf springs. Leaf springs are subject to wear and tear over time, and they may lose their effectiveness or even break under extreme stress. Some of the common signs that your leaf springs need attention are:

Ride quality issues

Should your vehicle exhibit excessive bounce, harshness, or instability while on the road, it could imply that the leaf springs are lacking sufficient support or damping. Such a deficiency may impact driving comfort and safety, particularly on rough or uneven terrain.

Uneven tire wear

If your tires display signs of uneven wear, such as bald spots, cracks, or bulges, it could signal a misalignment issue caused by inadequate support from your leaf springs. This imbalance has the potential to impact various aspects of your vehicle, including handling, braking, and fuel efficiency, while also reducing the longevity of your tires. 

Excessive load sag

When your vehicle droops or leans under a heavy load, it signals that the leaf springs may lack the strength to support both the vehicle and its cargo adequately. This can impact factors such as ground clearance, aerodynamics, and visibility. Furthermore, there’s an increased risk of the vehicle touching or scraping the ground.

Handling problems

Excessive swaying, rolling, or leaning during cornering, braking, or acceleration in your vehicle may suggest that the leaf springs lack the stability or balance needed. This deficiency can adversely affect your vehicle’s maneuverability, responsiveness, and traction, posing an elevated risk of rollovers or skidding.

If you notice any of these signs, you should inspect your leaf springs for any damage, such as cracks, corrosion, or deformation. You should also check the condition of the leaf spring components, such as the bushings, shackles, bolts, and clips. If you find any problems, you should replace or repair your leaf springs as soon as possible.

However, even if your leaf springs are in good shape, you may still want to consider ordering custom leaf springs for your vehicle. Why? Because custom leaf springs can offer you more benefits than stock options.

Handling problems

Benefits of Custom Leaf Springs

Custom leaf springs are designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs and expectations, giving you more control over your vehicle’s performance and comfort. Some of the benefits of custom leaf springs are:

  • Improved ride: Custom leaf springs offer tailored support for a smooth, soft, or firm ride, reducing noise and vibration for added enjoyment.
  • Enhanced handling: Choose the right type and size for optimal stability, balance, and improved steering, braking, and acceleration based on your driving style.
  • Increased load capacity: Custom leaf springs provide the strength and durability needed for light, medium, or heavy loads, preventing sagging and ensuring efficiency and safety.
  • Customized appearance: Personalize your vehicle’s look by selecting the right type and size of custom leaf springs to raise, lower, or level it, creating a unique and stylish appearance.

As you can see, custom leaf springs can offer you many advantages over mass-produced options. But how do you know when you should order custom leaf springs for your vehicle? Here are some scenarios where custom leaf springs can make a difference.

When to Consider Custom Leaf Springs

Custom leaf springs are only for some. They are best suited for those who have specific needs or expectations for their vehicle’s performance and comfort, and who are willing to invest in a quality product that can last for a long time. Here are some situations where you may want to consider ordering custom leaf springs for your vehicle:

Modified vehicles

Modifying your vehicle with additions like a lift kit, winch, bumper, or roof rack can alter its weight, height, and center of gravity. To address these changes and maintain or enhance ride quality, handling, and load capacity, consider ordering custom leaf springs.

Modified vehicles

Heavy-duty applications

For those who frequently use their vehicles for demanding tasks like towing, hauling, or off-roading, the added stress on the suspension system may necessitate custom leaf springs. These specialized springs are crafted to endure the heightened impact and load forces, reducing the risk of wear, damage, or failure in your leaf springs.

Performance enhancements

Should you desire enhancements in your vehicle’s performance, be it speed, agility, or traction, considering custom leaf springs is essential. These tailored springs optimize your vehicle’s suspension system, offering the precise level of support, damping, stability, and balance required to meet or exceed your performance goals.

Unique vehicle needs

If you have a rare, vintage, or custom-built vehicle that has special or unusual suspension requirements, you may need to order custom leaf springs to fit your vehicle’s specifications and dimensions. Custom leaf springs can help restore or maintain your vehicle’s original or desired ride quality, handling, and load capacity.

If you fall into any of these categories, you may benefit from ordering custom leaf springs for your vehicle. But before you do so, you should consider some factors that can affect your decision and experience.

Factors to Consider Before Ordering

Ordering custom leaf springs is not a simple process. It requires careful planning, research, and communication. Here are some factors that you should consider before ordering custom leaf springs for your vehicle:

  • Identifying your needs: When ordering custom leaf springs, define your vehicle’s needs by specifying ride quality, load capacity, and handling preferences. Consider your driving style, usage frequency, budget, and expectations to streamline your choices and select the ideal leaf spring type and size.
  • Budgeting: Custom leaf springs come with varying costs, dependent on the type, size, quality, manufacturer, and installation. Before placing an order, research and compare costs among different manufacturers. Additionally, factor in maintenance and replacement expenses, considering variations based on material, usage, and wear and tear.
  • Material options: Leaf springs vary in materials like steel, composite, or plastic, each with distinct pros and cons including weight, strength, durability, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and cost. Assess these factors to determine the suitability of each material for your vehicle type, usage, and environment before ordering custom leaf springs.

In essence, custom leaf springs provide targeted solutions for specific vehicle issues, surpassing mass-produced alternatives. Key considerations before ordering include ride quality, budget, materials, and a reliable manufacturer. Besides, check out our range of 19-8 Leaf Springs products especially custom leaf springs for improved vehicle performance – reliable and strong today

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